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Data analysis, visualisation, and consulting, programming and computational modelling, software and website development.

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Project Manager, Data and Visualisation
Visual Stories Team at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne, Australia

  • Data analysis and visualisation, open source programming, and mapping to build data-driven stories and digital content in the media landscape spanning environmental to politics to economics.

I also consult in data analysis/viz, have 12 years experience in copy-editing/proofing in research and academic publishing, teach programming in ‘R’ and run an online coding club, co-run a digital design studio, and dabble in e-commerce.


Research scientist — infectious disease modelling
Emory University, Atlanta, USA

Computational modeller — spatial and biosecurity risk mapping
Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, Melbourne, Australia


Data analysis, data science, data viz, stats, models, simulations, data pipelines, dashboards, UI/UX, rstats, research, maps, geospatial, API, opensci, rmarkdown, workshops, shiny, coding club, software


R git Python Markdown MySQL Hugo HTML5 CSS3 Sass Javascript d3js

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Where did the Palestine and Israel protests start? Exploring protest origins per country using publicly available global protest data

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